February Series - Essential

This month we are talking about the essentials of the Christian Faith. Each week we will use the Apostles Creed to help guide our discussion on what are the Essentials. Check out the creed and the messages that go with it each week!

Week 1: I believe...

I believe is only a few words in the whole creed but it is the core to Christianity. Find out what the words I believe really mean and represent. 

Click the icon to give this week’s audio a listen (no video available).

Week 2: The Father

The Father is almighty, creator and paternal. Give this section of the creed a listen!

Week 3: Jesus the Christ

I believe in Jesus…. Check out this service to hear how Jesus fulfills every name and in the Creed. Along with how your name, today, matters.

Coming Feb 28. 

Week 4: Holy Spirit/Church

Hear how God send a helper to build a community of beleivers!