Partner with Centerpoint Church

At Centerpoint Church our goal is to encourage spiritual contributors, not spiritual consumers. We believe church membership does not encourage this attitude. Instead, we believe that when people feel needed and know that God calls them to be a part of a church regularly, they are drawn to engage and commit to being spiritual partners. A partner is someone who continuously chooses to invest in the local church and its mission.
At Centerpoint we don’t have members, but we have partners.  Our Starting Point Seminars are meant to show you exactly who we are as a church and what we’re all about.

A start to partnership

There are 3 videos that we believe help you know what Centerpoint is all about! These videos give you a glance at the history, the beliefs and leadership structure, and the habits we expect from partners. 

Check out the introduction video, along with this form that talks you through how to partner with Centerpoint!


Video 1 - History of Centerpoint Church

Video 2 - Beliefs and Leadership Structure

Video 3 - Habits of Partners

Final Steps

We are excited you have gotten to the final steps of partnership! As stated in the last video, please take the enneagram quiz and the spiritual gifts test! Once you have completed the videos and quizzes, fill out this form to sign up for a partner party, by clicking the image!